Customizable InvitationsStationery Love from Basic Invite

My Thoughts on Basic Invite’s Wedding Stationery


This morning a lovely package arrived at my doorstep with these beautiful samples that Basic Invite sent me to photograph. I got to choose my three favorite designs to show you here.

Biggest Pro of using their stationery from my personal experience- it was very easy to customize and order online. You legitimately pick from 180+ colors for any part of the design including the envelope.
Potential Con would be if you’re not great at choosing colors, there is potential to end up with a poop design that’s unreadable or plain ugly. Thankfully there are whole websites dedicated to palette inspiration if you need help.


The best part about this wedding invitation design was that it allows you to print an image on the back of the invitation. For my brides who wear a white outfit in one of their engagement shots, this would be the perfect chance to send out another favorite picture. Plus, I think people rather have faces on fridges over text any day (that’s why Save the Dates stay on my fridge for forever).


I did not know these existed and I think they’re super cool. You’ll give your wedding photographer a fun prop to style on the day of your wedding as well as get a neat first impression from your card when they send off to your guest.

Note to your tongue: these envelopes are all “seal and peal.” PRAISE THE LORD. So if you’re hand stuffing them, you won’t have a cotton mouth by the end of the night. There were also 40+ options for envelope colors ranging from matte to shiny to butcher paper.


This one was another unique design I would “ooo and ahh” over as a guest because it’s so untraditional. If you doubt it’s woodness or want to check the color, order a sample of your design first.

Note: I didn’t know any company would send you a sample of your personal design. This was a cool function because it would give me confidence in my order before pressing the order-300-copies-and-take-all-my-money button.

I didn’t think to order more than invitations, but looking back on the site now I noticed that each design comes with matching options for name cards, menus, programs and (if you want to go all out) matching “thankyou” cards. So if you want a cohesive look without having to order from a million places go give Basic Invites a look.

Thanks for following this review for Basic Invite.
If you end up designing one I’d love to see it!